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Humans hate change; whether it’s coin change or life change, we avoid it by nature. Quarters are legit, but we’d probably break a dollar before we took the time to fish for coins. The irony of this fact is that change is the only constant in life. Nothing is permanent but change.

It’s easy to get lost in the routine. Maybe you’re having the time of your life and you never want the experience to end. Or maybe it’s the worst time of your life, and you can’t imagine how you’re going to get out of the misery. I’ve had both-I have both.

What do you need? Is it the same thing you needed before? Have you changed possibly? It’s OK to have liked your job for a while, but now you want a new challenge. If we are constantly changing as people with what we want, need, desire, crave, then it’s only natural for relationships to possibly do that too. You owe it to yourself to ask YOU first what you’re needing. Take inventory of what’s going on inside…and be welcome to what you hear.

Relationships never end, but simply change. This is a biggy for me because it’s hard to not have my dad physically here for me to see. He’ll always be my dad, and I’ll always be able to talk to him, but it’s a hard concept to grasp that spiritually we’re in two different places right now. Our relationship wasn’t cut off when he passed away, its dynamics have just changed. Have you ever gone to pick up the phone to call someone and realized that they won’t be on the other end? It’s huge! This goes for past relationships, too. Even though you’re “ex’s,” your relationship has been established; even though you may not see or speak to your ex, that’s the current status of your relationship. It’s how we grow and change as people to move forward from what we may not need anymore. Don’t hang on to something or someone because you’re afraid of losing the feeling, or the person, or the connection. It will be there forever, just maybe showing itself differently.

If we look at life on a continuum of highs and lows, and constant change, then we won’t feel stuck or worried that this, right now, is forever. This too shall pass…even the best of times are bound the end-but they will come back again.


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One thought on “Change

  1. This is really, really intense. I have a feeling that your words will bounce around in my head for awhile for the rest of the day. Very glad I found you!

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